Beer: Modelo

Cockroaches in Beer

Cottonmouth and not the snake

Sponanteous the movie

No one watched the Oscars

Bitcoin Napster

Rocki...View Details

Our first remote podcast!

We talk about douchebags at breweries, getting drunk in Vegas, MH370, male rape and Matt talks about shaving his ass h...View Details

Valentine's Day Gifts; Help the Retards; Preferred Nomenclature; NFL Broadcasts and Scheduling; MLB Return; Fuck LeBron James; Password Swordfish; Sci...View Details

Superbowl LV - Fuck the Chiefs

Steakhouse Expensive Drinks Red Rocket Impeachment 2 Kush Kushner Irish Whiskey

Dexter; Breaking bad

brewery - coors   matt stafford   aaron rodgers   coffee vs espresso   lockdown order   patriot party?          

First Episode of 2021 Capitol Raid Pelosi House & McConnell House Vandalized NFL Playoffs Fantasy Football Library vs libary  

Hawaii volcano explodes all over your face

man-hookers craft beer

Turkeys hunting you

Amtrak across country

michael cera judy garland mel gibson fatman random shit fuck you

  Episode 10 Harrison Ford Steven Spielberg Joe Biden Girls Gone Wild Bumfights

A few of our drunken topics include: Steven Soderberg Kurt Russell

Mike Birbiglia

Danny McBride New Orleans Austin, TX

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