Six Beers Deep Episode 8

Atlanta Braves

Los Angeles Dodgers

Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills Live Commentary bullshitery Superbowl 2021 Biden / Trump

Who knows what is a...View Details

Two idiots ramble on about:

fantasy football: a love hate story

From stardom to the grave. Chadwick Bosman to James Dean

remember tiger king...View Details

Two idiots discuss:   California Homelessness & Fires  Baseball Salary Cap 2020 NFL Season Political shenanigans Yelling & empathy Being retar...View Details

Six Beers Deep Episode 5 California is totally fucked because of:   1

favorite guilty pleasures? bad food, movies, shows, whatever


what bad mo...View Details

We drunkenly talk about the life and career of Academy Award winning director James Cameron

We were certainly very wrong while simultaneously being very right about: 1

Parody and politics: The seamless blending of the Trump administration

...View Details

We drunkenly solve none of the following: 1

aliens - are they among us?


Do you belief in ghosts, the afterlife, what happens after you die?

...View Details

The drunken rambles of: 1

what were your favorite shows and movies as a kid?


what Arnold Schwarzenegger characters would you want to see fight...View Details

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